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Welcome to the best man’s guide on Men’s suit. You are about to learn how to pick, wear and buy a well-fitted tailored suit. There is a popular myth that business attire and formal clothes by nature are not comfortable. Suffering for beauty’s sake does not do a man any good. If the fit of a garment makes a man uncomfortable, he will look into it. Indeed, a man looks at its best when his garments fit so well, that he scarcely notices them.

Finally, when you are buying a garment, the retailer has little incentive to tailor it properly, since nobody seeks out a shopping center because he’s heard they do incredible alterations.

On the off chance that they are not it’s not the nature of the clothes it’s the bad fit.

Let’s take a closer look at all the elements of a man’s Men’s suit and answer the question whether every man should own it!

The Versatile Grey


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Like all other shading to have in your closet, grey is one color that should not be barred. It is a cool, neutral, and balanced color. It is particularly essential to have a grey suit in your wardrobe. It can be uninhibitedly coordinated with a wide range of shirts and shoes. Also, it can be worn to the office, to weddings and most importantly for formal occasions. Pair these with a lighter base shirt like white or pink or you can even comb it with Muted blue shirt, along with suede loafers or a pair of dark brown penny loafers &  You will definitely make a bold statement at the event.

The Underrated Green

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First up, it’s really helpful to have a green suit or at least a green jacket.  Green as part of the suit can be worn separately with other kinds of corduroys or chinos or even seer suckers. GREEN! Not only is green a very versatile color, but it can also be dressed up and down, For that reason, it’s a first-grade choice. It can help you develop a signature style that stands out from the rest of the crowd who favors city grays and blues without looking too ostentatious but still keep you looking elegant and stylish.

The Showstopper Red

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Red rules fashion .Red color has more connotations across various cultures, a color that has ruled both sinners and saints.

A color representing luck, passion, bliss, and even danger, Red has had, is having, and will have utmost influence, especially in fashion world. Be it fashion apparels or other fashion accessories, alluring shades of red run deep, charming people into the general mish-mash.


Associated with an aristocratic excess, red is the fashion code for all seasons. Red makes a strong visual impact in the collections of designers, and fashionistas. Intense and exciting, it can make a statement without doing anything. Wearing red puts forth a bold statement that the wearer is in charge, and is brimming with energy.

The Illuminate Blue


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The navy blue suit has its origins in the British Royal Navy. The Royal Blue color palette is a good-looking and stylish preference for a suit — but you need to know what to pair with your navy suit.

When sporting a navy match, you really need a shirt that is going to help the suit color pop. You can achieve this look with a bright white, classic office shirt. You also can try muted pastel colors — such as a light blue or a light pink. Any mild pastel hue won’t compete with the navy suit and will instead keep the focus on the suit.

All of these navy suits had subtle interest to the traditional navy suit look and offer a small element of surprise that people won’t see until they are up close.

There’s quite a few flexibility you have got within the process, and you may exert a few creativity with your coloration palettes to get that streamlined, modern and interesting look.

The Stylecaster Black

Black is by far one of the most popular colors when it comes to fashion, and it’s easy to see why. The color black in fashion has traditionally been associated with class, sophistication and even thriller, which makes it amazing for smart style for formal as well as casual wear. This unique High Neck   Jacket style Suit will fulfill your all wardrobe desires.

Don’t be afraid to throw some color into this jacket. Throwing in some neutral colors can be a great way to spice up an all-black outfit and give it life.

While there is nothing wrong with sporting an all-black outfit, make sure black doesn’t take over your entire wardrobe like it has a tendency to. Still black has no boundaries, you can wear in your standard formal wear, your casual, smart wear and even in your street wear.

The Intricate Black

A black double breasted suit should be an essential staple for a man’s wardrobe. The color black is associated with power, strength, authority and sophistication. It is one of those ‘go-to’ classics that will never get old. A black suit can be worn to the office, to a wedding and to any formal event. However, we will be focusing on 4 dress shirts apart from white that works perfectly with a black suit. First choice can be  Red color  which compliments black perfectly, to make a bold statement. Also, Vibrant navy pairing a black suit with navy permits you tap into a formal and elegant realm. A black suit and gray shirt is a sartorial go-to, it’s smart without being harsh. Blush pink with softening against black is surprisingly flattering and easier to pull off than you think. A good decision to purchase a black suit for your wardrobe. A black suit can be worn as an office wear, at a wedding and at formal events.


The Suit: Most Masculine Uniform

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It is stated that the suit makes the man—but our product makes a man a Gentleman. The suit is the uniform of men, meaning that it should be your personal uniform and express unity in your individual style. That being said, the tailored suit and its components should be thought of as a blank canvas with which you can express yourself. Your preferences of elements within a suit can take you from being assessed as “that common commercial guy” to “that interesting, confident, and innovative man”. From lapels to pocket squares, the parts of a suit need to be thoughtfully considered.

The grey two-button suit is the most essential staple of a man’s suit wardrobe. If you are new to suiting or just looking to update your wardrobe, purchasing the grey two-button suit is a super beginning. The grey two-button suit is a great investment for those looking for new, updated, and timeless suiting.

An unpatterned black double breasted suit is the most formal piece of business wear available to a man. Anything more formal moves into the realm of the black-tie dress code, with a tuxedo replacing the suit. Patterning will reduce the formality of the suit somewhat, though it’s rare to peer black wool with anything beyond a completely modest striping. A patterned black suit will generally nevertheless serve as a formal business dress, appropriate for anything but somber occasions such as parties and occasions.


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